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Final Evolution

Click to purchase Final EvolutionAvailable in paperback and e-book.This exciting and mysterious psychological chronicle of galactic and inter-species conflict, ‎murder, and corporatist government control in the twenty fifth century leads to an unexpected conclusion.The privileged life of the governing body of Holders and their relatives are about to take a ‎dangerous turn.

Corporate greed with government complicity caused the Great Catastrophe. All life on the planet was on the ‎verge of extinction until a fortuitous cosmic event enabled a slow recovery and an awakening of the ‎remaining citizens to how they've been manipulated by the politic. Following the recovery, intergalactic travel and trade brought unimagined ‎wealth to the Solar Confederation of inhabited planets under a novel form of altruistic ‎government. Economic resources were equally shared so that a ‎moderate living was provided for all. Private ownership of corporations no longer existed. All business corporations functioned as worker co-ops. Civilization saw the end of poverty and social ‎class ‎conflict.

As human history has so often repeated itself, a new generation of ‎Holders brought ‎the return of greed and manipulation. Light years away, ‎one highly evolved and mysterious civilization in the Boötes cluster had ‎been watching with grave concern.

A Solar Confederation galactic exploration vessel inexplicably vanished from ‎Terran trackers and, in an instant, appeared in orbit around a previously unknown tropical planet ‎with multiple suns, light years from their last known location. The final ‎evolution of human civilization begins.




Healing Personal Depression For Good

Click to Purchase Healing Personal DepressionHealing Personal Depression And Anxiety is an instructional e-Book compendium ‎of established and validated, easily learned self-help procedures, documented with more than ‎‎200 hyperlinked internet resources. Written for the general public, these rapidly learned ‎healing ‎strategies purposely avoids getting bogged down in complicated theory or tedious explanations.

When working for many years as a psychologist and, being frustrated at seeing people spending needed funds to engage with therapists, when in fact, research demonstrates self-help strategies to be equally or more effective, this book was written as a solution, presenting tried and tested holistic strategies.






Healing Personal Psychology

Click to see Table of Contents and Purchase Healing Personal PsychologyHealing Personal Psychology is a landmark hard cover text and e-book describing the catastrophic failure of mainstream clinical psychology, psychiatry, and the "mental health" system to effectively heal. Pivotal, non-traditional, and effectively established change exercises are offered as solutions for healing most severe personal and relationship problems. Successfully tested and validatedsolutions to heal the failed system are detailed.

We learn how clinical psychology and psychiatry continues to present a folie à deux or shared public delusion that it is focused on healing, when it is not. From its roots in 19th Century German authoritarianism and oppression to the present state of the field, little has changed. Mainstream clinical psychology and psychiatry continues to engage in some of the most repressive practices in modern society. The metaphor of the clinical gaze has served as the bedrock for these professions, as well as a source of failure to effectively heal.

Cleverly hidden from the public, is the fact that the concept of "mental illness" has never been established by rigorous science to qualify as an "illness" or disease. The concept of "mental illness," the yearly source of billions of dollars in corporate, government, and professional revenues, continues to be created or invented by selected moral judgments and committee discussions, not science. On close inspection, we see that the primary function of "mental health" professionals is to serve as moral arbiters of human behavior. This is sanctioned by an uninformed legislature that has granted clinical psychology and psychiatry the legal rights to define certain behaviors as "mental illness." Behaviors are defined as such, not by science as the professions would have us believe, but by morally tinged personal (clinical) opinion.

Supporting the thesis of this failure with factual references, we are taken on an experiential journey through the system to see the devastation "mental health" treatment has caused by psychotherapeutic incompetence and the creation of disease, including central nervous system, motor neuron, and organ diseases, found in different studies to range between 10%-75% of all those treated. The personal ruin caused for millions of people every year, by effectively eliminating their freedom of choice to engage in a pleasurable life existence, has become a cause for social justice. The Hardcover is out of print. Click on the bookcover to view the Table of Contents and purchase the e-book.


Giving Up "Mental Illness" Or How To Be "Normal" In A Crazy World

Giving Up" Mental Illness"Giving Up Mental Illness was the first book taking up the subject of the dysfunctional "mental health" system and the false diagnostic system created by psychiatry, not by science but by commitee. Healing Personal Psychology represents an elaboration and expansion of Giving Up "Mental Illness." This is currently out of print but noticeably still being sold at a number of sites, but not by the author.







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