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August 19, 2023

Eastern Time Zone

ATTENTION PARENTS! Join our free monthly Zoom sessions!

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Gather with like-minded conscious parents and engage in an alternative dialogue around ADHD, education, parenting, trauma healing and more.

Every month we will select topics and questions submitted by podcast listeners from around the world and discuss them in our Zoom sessions - a group setting designed to empower parents to make informed decisions for their children.


ADHD IS OVER is an eye opening Documentary Film & Podcast for families of neuro-diverse children diagnosed with ADHD, seeking to go beyond the label and committed to thriving.

Our intention is to start a new dialogue around ADHD that provides Parents with new perspectives that will inspire & empower them to explore ADHD beyond the current narrative of labeling our children as "disordered" and seeing them as "broken" for life.

We are committed to staying true to the science of our times, while also inviting Parents to start trusting their intuition and honor their natural inclinations to see their children thrive, as they carve out the right path and choices for their family.

Meet the Wyden Family as they connect new dots, peel off the “disordered” label from their son, explore alternatives to medication for his optimal conditions to thrive ...and surprisingly experience new levels of joy as a family!  The Wydens simply declared that for their family, ADHD is over.


We all know the struggle is very real, yet the label of "dis-ordered" does not have to be.


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