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Do we have psychiatry on wild roads?

Psychiatry's challenge is that the medical model generates more of the same, without missing results arousing particular curiosity. What we need is a present health service that is able to listen to what people say about their life challenges.

Conversation with Colectivo Chuhcan A.C.

"It changed my life to learn about this whole world of human rights, of people with psychosocial disabilities, and then educate society that we exist - and that we have the right to live, to express ourselves as we are, not to be ashamed and to have a place in society."

Probiotics show promise as depression treatment

“The acceptability, tolerability, and estimated effect sizes on key clinical outcomes are promising and encourage further investigation of probiotics as an add-on treatment for people with MDD in a definitive efficacy trial.”

Finding confidence to come off medication and gain inner peace

"This piece is fuelled by an interaction with a psychiatrist that wanted to put me on extra medication because I openly told him that I hear voices, that I consider helpful guidance. I felt judged and a lack of understanding, lack of open-mindedness – and anger. I also felt threatened. I had never met this doctor before and I felt he did it out of fear."

Matilde’s Recovery: “Strong in battle”

"Mine is a story of revenge, of a life that seemed lost that through pain began to have a deeper meaning."

With the Launch of Mad in Denmark, a Global Network for...

Mad in Denmark, which is newly launched, is the 11th affiliate in the MIA network, and three others are expected to launch later this year.

Can I recover, dare I heal?

I concluded and was afraid that if someone in my new life found out what kind of years I had lived in hospitals and in a foggy unreality, it would all be over. The revelation of this thing could somehow take me back there.

Borderline Personality Disorder No Longer Belongs in Clinical Practice

According to the authors, 'Borderline Personality Disorder' emerged as a category during the heyday of psychoanalysis where it was used to denote situations that were on the line between anxiety disorder and psychosis. Despite classification as personality disorder, the authors argue that the characteristics of BPD do not match the consensus concept of other personality disorders. For example, the diagnostic criteria are not permanent personality traits but rather varying symptoms and behaviors.

Teenagers have enormous resources, let’s give them the opportunity to get...

If we as adults look for answers outside ourselves, how can we teach the young to find answers within themselves? Trine Thielemann (pictured) learns that being able to discover and understand the meaning of the body's signals is a key to getting better in life

Therapy Resistant?

There is a term in psychiatry that is used when a treatment or therapy is considered unsuccessful and the patient does not feel better/behave differently. Let's take a closer look at the word therapy resistance.

The Dividing Line: Experience of Psychiatric Violence

It took me a long time to recover. I couldn't believe everything I endured because of my desire to be named a "psychiatrist." Fortunately in the present those emotions no longer suffocate me and I am proud of my decision; on the other side of the line of psychiatry there were many doors waiting for me to cross them.

Antidepressants have destroyed my sexual function and range of emotions

I’m Simon, a 33-year-old male from the UK. Back in 2012 after I graduated from university I had a period of low mood and anxiety. I went to my GP who within a couple of minutes prescribed me an antidepressant, Citalopram. Little did I know that this would derail my life.

The Battle of the Peer

I interviewed 8 peer support workers from across Ireland. They were based in various mental health services which included – community mental health teams, in-patient psychiatric units, rehab and recovery teams, and early intervention of psychosis teams. The findings suggest that peer support workers in Ireland experienced many challenges with integrating the role into services.

The measure of happiness. Understand or quantify? (An in-depth study on...

Can happiness be measured in numerical terms from quantifiable objects or facts? For those who read the arguments the answer is no, happiness is something that escapes measurement because it is composed of immeasurable values.

The Best (and Worst) That Mood-Tech Can Be

At their core, tracking apps can have the potential to reduce anyone or anything to a collection of customizable scales – to digitize lives and quantify any experience.

How do you motivate your child to learn skills?

The attached article is the 4th chapter of Ben Furman's recent book Children's challenges as skills. We got permission to publish it, of course the whole book is worth reading!

Trauma (and PTSD) is not intellectual – It’s all about feeling

Many think that it is about the stress reactions that then arise - but you cannot solve stress reactions that someone becomes aware of in the body at the same level as where they arise - in the body.

ADHD Feature Reported to the Review Board

"I have today reported SVT's Fråga doktorn to the review committee for radio and television. This after the program's ADHD feature on April 17 and based on the numerous misleading and incorrect statements about ADHD that appeared in the program."

Drowned by doubts – Why am I thinking of quitting psychiatry?

I am an extremely critical psychiatrist, but I believe that mental illnesses, although rare, exist and that drugs used selectively, prudently, and for the shortest possible time are beneficial. However, 90% of the people who enter my office do not have a mental illness. They have emotional and psychological experiences of suffering.

Human life – the rich, messy and multifaceted

The time is long overdue to shift the focus from mental illness as a disease manifestation in the biomedical sense to mental illness and pain as a basic condition. This can be a valuable correction which is not only life-saving, but even life-promoting.